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Music carries me,
through the world, through the inner world,

I meet langages, dances, vibrations,
kitchens, moutains, emotions.

Similar but different,
Shy to meet each other.

Music helps me
through the world, through the inner world

To walk, connect, and share
Along the way without fear
Putting toguether inspiring worlds
Sharing them to ears and hearts

Welcome to my world: clarinet and world cultures !
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2016 Website and Youtube launch

Thank you for landing here ! I very am happy to set up this new website, i needed a space to put everything toguether: bands, projects, MP3s, and present my work... here it is, I will update bit by bit and add a portefolio for audio design in the next few weeks.

As an indie musician I am very thanksfull to all the music lovers for encouraging my work and sharing the tracks i made with devotion and love.... I have set up recently youtube playlists for free listening of over 50 tracks from various albums and EPs... Also you can download a free MP3 album or compilation by suscribing to the mailing list: http://dylangully.com/page:free_clarinet_album. Please share with your friends the tracks you love, it will be great help to spread the music, and if you dont like any tracks, please share as well :-)

"Irish Clarinet" - Mix of Videos and music tracks related to Irish trad

Txütxükan - 15 Music Tracks


I have also set up a online shop with everything you can dream: MP3 packs, CDs, Custum recordings, Custum Plugins and music systems, Clarinet teaching ... If you have short music budget but still love the music I propose you suscribe to the newsletter and send me an email for the albums you want , i am always happy to share :-)

New Album coming ! where "Clarinet meets Irish music"

A project we have been working on for 3 years... and soon released !
With Matt Griffin on Guitar, Stella Rodrigues on Violon, Martin Tourish on Accordion, and myself on clarinet !



New live album and tour launch with Zetadâm Trio

Zetadâm Trio is going on tour this september to launch a new CD, recorded Live and stereo in St Péran (Brittany)

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