Dylan Gully was born in Brittany in 1984. He learnt music through both academic studies and travels, as he has always had a passion for traditional musics from Eastern to Western Europe. He plays the clarinet and flutes for about 20 years. He has been involved for the last 15 years in various transcultural projects fusing jazz, world musics, or electronics, as a musician or Engineer in music systems, playing over 1000 concerts. He had a gold medal in clarinet performance in 2005 in the 'Conservatoire de Lille' (France), and a M.Sc. in Music Technology in 2008 in the University of Limerick.

From 1998 to 2003 he played classical, jazz and trad pieces with the Belgian pianist and composer Laurent Beeckmans. In 2004 he become part of the ensemble "Tarab Med", fusing Mediterranean musics and musicians from Marocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Liban, Turquey, and Greece. Dylan received several awards and won in 2006 the Het Lindeboom competition for traditional music with the trio Troad. In 2007 Dylan founded the band Txütxükan, whose music was a collaborative work of compositions integrating elements of various musics around the world, mainly inspired by Balkan and Gypsy musics. The band lived in Ireland for 9 monthes to record a new album which released in august 2013. While living in Ireland he was part of the Limerick Jazz Society, became a member of the cork band Lazik, and the UCC transcultural project Trasna, directed by Mel Mercier, where he played with Liam O Maonlai, and collaborated with Miss Ma representing Ireland in Shangai World Expo.

With Zetadâm Trio, funded in 2012 with Pauline Willerval on Gadulka and Joseph Detailleur on Accordion, he did 4 tours and recorded in 2015 a live stereo album. He was funded by the "International gathering for trad clarinet" in Brittany to launch a new Irish Music quartet through residencies and concerts, to promote the use of clarinet within Irish music. The band is currently recording an album that should release by 2016.

His current musical work focuses on playing Irish traditional music on the clarinet and the development of interactive systems for live performances and film composition.


2016 : coming soon !!!!! (Ebony Bridge - Original music, Irish trad influences)
2015 : Chutes (Zetadâm Trio - Original music, French/Balkan trad influences)
2013 : Surf the River Lee (Txütxükan - Original music, "World")
2012 : Barrons des bennes (PDN PDM, Balkan/Gypsy covers)
2011 : Far Fetched (Lazik - Irish/Balkan trad fusion)
2008 : Balkan Jig (Txütxükan - Original music, Balkan influences)
2007 : Effervescence (TROAD - Original/trad from France/Ireland )
2007 : Les oies Sauvages (Holva - Breton Dances)

Guest in Albums
Twin headed wolves : coming soon :-)
La caravane Electro : Balkan BootleG
Graffiti (Cric Crac) : La petite récrée
Myrdhin : Moving sands
Ozgür Karagunes : Mevsimler Geçti
Francesca Baines : Vela

Unreleased tracks
Za Ucha (Rock Balkan)
Tarab Med (Musique du bassin méditerranéen)
Nedjma (Polish singer)

Guest in recordings
"The School for scandals" produced by Mel Mercier for The Barbican Theatre LONDON

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