Album Cover
Surf the river Lee
Released: 22/07/13
Label: Wild Boar Music
Track Listing
1 Bataille
2 Surf
3 Broon' Swing
4 Moustach' Groove
5 Tavoy
6 711
7 Unti
8 El Din
9 El Colonel
10 Ragout Djadja

Liner Notes

Surf The River Lee, Txütxükan (2013)
Balkan World Fusion

Txütxükan has soaked up various music to compose its own diverse fusion of high-octane, up beat, and at times melancholic, music inspired mainly by Gypsy and Balkan cultures, while also permeated by various other influences ranging from folk to jazz.

Line up:
Dylan GULLY (Clarinet, Kaval [Bulgarian flute], Recorder, Saxophon, Vocals)
Bruno HOLLEMAERT (Accordion, Banjo, Bouzouki, Guitar, Vocals)
Eric BELOT (Basse, Double Bass, Vocals)
Joachim MOUFLIN (Bouzouki, Drum kit, Percussions, Vocals)
Joseph DETAILLEUR (Accordion, Vocals)
+ Guest: Stella RODRIGUES (Gamelan)

"In a vivid, uplifting way they mix folk sounds with upbeat percussion and electric bass. A fine hour of brass-rock, Played with enthusiasm and craftsmanship, in the vein of other top bands in this genre."
Eelco Schilder - Folk World

“Un groupe d'excellents musiciens, un répertoire entièrement original (compositions du groupe), une bonne unité musicale tout au long de l'album.”
Jean Luc Matte - Info Mumuses

“It’s infectious and breaks more than a few boundaries. From the turmoil of ‘La Bataille’ and the loose energy of ‘Surf’ through the rush of ‘Moustach’ Groove’ to the maelstrom of ‘711’ and the lazy then rabid intoxication of ‘El Din’, this is music to shift your foundations.”
Dave Holland - Folk Words

“A result that is edgy, dance-laden, and always moving. There is a bit of jazz, classical, and avant-garde influences, but nothing is too overt. The sauntering melodies, uppity percussion, and catchy rhythms are breezy, addictive, and richly-textured. Discover Txutxukan today!”
Mathew Forss - Inside World Music


WMW Festival Review
WMW Reviews
“Txutxukan from France took the place by storm with their frantic gypsy beats, their passionate singing, and their wonderful playing. They provided an exciting, fun sound that had the dancefloor hopping. When they played among the crowd [...] we had a festival winner on our hands! ”
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