Album Cover
Clarinette et voix du monde (Vol 1.)
Dylan Gully
Released: 01/05/16
Label: Samasa Music
Track Listing
1 La fourmi Ailée
2 Tavos Devla
3 Gelbana
4 Ya Reit
5 Gugutka
6 Marions les roses
7 Le desespoir
8 Riff
9 Di zaposhkelekh
10 Nag an tu all
11 El colonel
12 Ragout Djadja
13 Aloma

Liner Notes

"Clarinette et voix du monde Vol 1."

A collection of songs from around the world, recorded over the years within various bands, or as a guest for an album/artist. A way for me to share my journey across cultures. In this first volume I play along with songs in French, Roma, Turkish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Yiddish, Breton, and Spanish. I have chosen tracks recorded with Xavier Bernier, Pas d'nom Pas d'maison, Ozgür Karagunes, Tarab Med', Za Ucha, Lazik, La Caravan Electro, Txütxükan, and Holva Trio.

This album is a selection of songs from the following artists/albums:

- Rrose Le Tatoué: (Unreleased, track 1)
- Barrons des bennes (Pas d'nom, Pas d'maison, tracks 2,13)
- Ozgür Karagunes (Original song, track 3)
- Tarab Med': (Unreleased, track 4)
- Za Ucha: (Unreleased, track 5)

- Far Fetched (Lazik, tracks 6,9 )
- La caravane Electro  (Balkan BootleG, track 7 )

- Balkan Jig (Txütxükan, track 8)
- Les oies Sauvages (Holva Trio, track 10 )
- Surf the River Lee (Txütxükan, tracks 11,12 )

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