Album Cover
Evasions acoustiques (Pre order)
Dylan Gully
Released: 25/02/06
Label: Samasa Music
Track Listing
1 A l'ombre du tilleul
2 Riff
3 El din
4 Eveil
5 Hora di craiova
6 Septic Swing
7 Gavrinis
8 Each little thing
9 Perouwe
10 Kaval
11 Le spleen du moustique
12 Ouvrez la porte
13 Trees by three
14 Nouveau souffle

Liner Notes

"Evasions acoustiques" (Will be launched by June 2016)

A collection of original compositions, a journey out of the known. Each piece is a fusion of traditions played in a unique way. They make my fly both as a performer or as a listener, i've loved to share them in concert in the past, i would love today to share them together as an album. This collection includes tracks recorded with Troad, Txütxükan, Za Ucha, Myrdhin, Ebony Bridge, Graffiti, Holva Trio, and also two pieces i have composed in 2007 while studying in the CCMCM in Limerick.

This album is a selection of songs from the following albums/artists:
- Effervescence (Troad, tracks 1,4,14)
- Balkan Jig (Txütxükan, tracks 2,6,10)
- Surf the River Lee (Txütxükan, track 3)
- Za Ucha: (Demo, track 5)
- Ebony Bridge (Demo, track8)
- At the CCMCM (Dylan Gully, Track 9,13)
- Moving sands (Myrdhin, track 7)
- Les oies Sauvages (Holva trio, track 11)
- La ptite Récrée (Graffiti, track 12)

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