Audio Design

Audio Design development
MaxMSP Plugins & interactive systems for live performances and composition

Below is a list of audio patches/plugins/interactive systems.
Some of the work is still under development, please share your thoughts with me.

This list is going to be updated with patches, source code, pictures, videos, and papers. If you are interested by updates, videos, source-code, papers or standalone patches, please suscribe to the mailing list.

Timbral MSP Fx:

clar2sax~ : Time domain pitch shifting to turn a clarinet tone into a sax-like tone

waveshaper~ : Realtime waveshaper from wavetables using Hilbert Transform

morph~ : Realtime morphing using convolution (With vowels/instruments/sounds)

synth~: Synthesizer using pitch tracking (fft transform latency allows slow melodies only)

synth2~ : Realtime synthesizer using instantaneous frequency (Under development)

Pitch MSP Fx (Standalone):
drone~ : Melody pitched to a drone
noterepeat~ : Current note pitched to the N previous note

modalshift~ : Current note pitched to a chosen interval (3d/5th/7th etc) in a given mode (Ex: F# Mixolydian)

slideshift~ : Slide pitch shifting to the current note or to a given note

chromaticshift~ : Chromatic pitch shifting to the current note or to a given
fractal~ : Add notes between notes using a fractal algorithm (Modal, chromatic, or frequency based)

Grace notes MSP Fx:
gn1~ : Apply a one grace note ornement to each note played
gn2~ : Apply a 1 or 2 grace notes ornement to each note played
gn2a~ : Apply a combination of attacks and grace notes to each note played 

MAX-equivalent objects:
drone / noterepeat / modalshifter etc. : Frequency factor to apply to the current note

Other Fx:

octaverb~ : add reverb to the
gate~ : Apply a gate to each note played to produce a very short note, or a series of them

Interactive systems:

Samadhi sonic experiment: System designed in 2014 for the Samadhi-Santi exhibition in Bangkok "Collection of contemporary art for peace".  Designed to explore the sonic metaphor of meditation, it allows evolution and processing of sounds over 1H time frames through presets and an interactive GUI interface.

Vela songs: series of patches designed to bring studio-produced songs to Live performance.

Clarimage: series of patches designed to compose/improvise interactive soundtracks for videos or live theatre performances.

+ Cosmic piper experiment / Shamanic experiment / Gypsy Sound System

Custum Plugin / System:
I make custum audio design on demand. You can contact me or order here.

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