2016, touring or playing concerts with:
- Zetadâm Trio (Balkan/French traditional Fusion)
- Za Ucha (Balkan/Rock)
Pas d'nom Pas d'maison (Balkan/Gypsy music)
- Krupnik (Klezmer music)
- Lazik (Irish/Balkan Fusion)
- Malo chante Brassens

 + Ebony Bridge (Album Launch: Clarinet meets Irish music)
+ Collaborations (feel free to contact me !!)

Press pack and booking : please contact me: DYYLAAN AT YAHOO DOT FR
Concerts news and updates: Please Suscribe to the mailing list and get a free MP3 Album here
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Past tours/concerts with :
Argos (Balkan/Gypsy music)
Convergence ensemble (World music)

Compagnie du tire laine
Graffiti Theatre (An Fear Sìul)
Holva Trio
(Breton Fest noz)
Kosia Brada (Bulgarian Brass Band)
Limerick Jazz Society
Nedjma (Polish Singer)
Sebastien Cools chante Brel

Tarab Med (Arabic ensemble)
Trasna (World music)
Troad (Original music, French Traditional influence)
Txütxükan (Balkan/World music) 


I am always up for new collaborations (tracks, concerts, tours), please drop me an email !

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