Free Clarinet Album

Hello to all music lovers, and thank you for landing here! I am happy to share some of my music - fusion of clarinet and world cultures - recorded over the years through travelling and collaborations. You can get two MP3 albums for free now !!

=> "Clarinette et chants du monde (Vol. 1)" (Clarinet and songs from the world) - selection of songs I have recorded along with bands and singers i met on the roads :-)

=> One album of your choice among 9 other albums:

  - 7 "world music" albums with clarinet, fusion of cultures, recorded with bands over the past 10 years.
  - 2 other compilations with a selection of songs and tracks I recorded on the roads, compositions, and some of the best tracks from the previous 7 albums.

Most tracks are original compositions with a mix of Arabic, Bulgarian, Turkish, Roumanian, Gypsy, Irish, French, and Breton influences.

Also you will be suscribed to my newsletter and receive few emails a year about tours and new albums coming up !

Download two World-Clarinet MP3 Albums (FREE!)


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