Clarinet and traditional music

I was lucky to be born in Brittany where music and dance tradition inspired me from very young age. Since then grew up a passion for traditional musics, listening recordings and learning tunes from various cultures. I worked Klezmer music with the Belgian pianist Laurent Beeckmans; Arabic music with Kamal El Mimouni, whithin the ensemble Tarab Med'; French, Breton, and Irish trad while studying in Lille through playing sessions and going to Chal Ha Dichal workshops; gypsy jazz playing with friends, Balkan music through various travels, workshops and residencies in Bulgaria, Roumania, Greece and Turkey. Today I am discovering Indian clarinet style, and working on increasing my "Irish trad." repertoire.

Fusion of cultures

I love to build bridges between different worlds and experimenting new recipes. Original compositions or melted melodies and rythmes from different cultures are the main ingredients of most of the bands I have played with. Over the years I have developed a tone and music that reflects a mix of what i love in various cultures. I work today on putting toguether Balkan with Rock whithin the band Za Ucha, Clarinet with "Irish trad." whithin the band Ebony Bridge, Clarinet with electronics through collaborations with various composers, Balkan with Irish whithin the band Lazik. 

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Fusion of sciences, arts, spirituality

Studying "Music technology" in Limerick and reading "The glass bead game" from H. Hesse have been two great sources of inspiration for me to "put everything toguether". Since then I have worked on building bridges in various ways between sciences, art, and spirituality:

- Developing music systems to enhance musical possibilities
- Exploring how meditation impact creativity through a one month "Artistic meditation retreat", including conscious playing and composition.
- Exploring how music can be a great way to develop mindfulness, non-duality, and inner energies.
- Exploring how sharing music with people can impact feelings and resonate with various energies to connect and heal.


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