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Clarinet class, workshop, residency
Teaching can include: Theory, style, emotions, connection, coaching.
Styles can include: Classical / Jazz / Traditional Irish / Breton / Klezmer / Balkan

Residencies in Brittany by the sea, incl. accomodation/food
- 2days: 4H
- 1Week: 7H
- 1 month: 20H

- 2days: 10H
- 1week: 30H

Exchange: depending your location and time of the year, i might also be interested for an exchange: free class everyday in exchange for food/accomodation/expenses or concerts/cultural exchange.
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Clarinet track for your song / composition
I will record a clarinet track for your song / composition.
I have always condenser mics and recording equipement with me when touring / travelling, i can usually provide tracks within 2 to 5 days.
I can also sometimes record Sax / Kaval / flutes if needed.

More details:

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Something you dont find in your pedals but you would love to do live on stage ?
An idea for a soundscape? An algorithmic composition ?
Be crazy !!!!
Please let me know and i can give you a quote !
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